Raquel Melgue (Oporto, 1985) achieved her Masters degree in Intermedia Visual Arts granted by the Department of Visual Arts and Design of the University of Évora in 2012, having graduated in Visual Arts – Painting in the same establishment in 2007.


Since 2007 she has exposed and participated in several individual and group exhibitions.

Her body of work is mostly constructed through the fields of photography, video and performance.


In 2017 she individually presented the exposition “cosmic-latte” at the Espaço Santa Catarina in Lisbon and participated in the collective art project “Coyote Ugly” with the installation/performance “thefutureiscolorblind” at the Galeria Alecrim 50 in Lisbon. She has also participated in the collective "FORCE, STRENGTH, POWER" at the Baginski, Galeria/Projectos in Lisbon.

In 2016 she  participated in the collective exhibition “O outro quando (não) estamos a olhar” at the FCT/UNL library in Monte da Caparica. She also presented in collaboration with Mariana Gomes, the homonymous exhibition at the Espaço Triângulo of the Galeria Diferença, in Lisbon, performing also in collaboration with Marta Caldas “•”, at the Museu Geológico in Lisbon.

In 2015 she presented “ME” at the Kubikgallery in Oporto and “ME ISTLI00M” at Espaço Quadrado of the Galeria Diferença in Lisbon, both individual projects. She also participated in the collective exhibition “Identidades: Variáveis Convergentes”, at the Casa Museu Abel Salazar, in Oporto.

In 2014 she exposed individually “JLELN-27” at “A Montra”, with the curatorial support of Maria do Mar Fazenda, in Lisbon and “YL0NM-13” at “Kubíkulo” in Oporto.

In 2013 she presented “A Horse with No Name” at the Cultural Center of Ponte de Sôr and participated in the collective art project “Age of Divinity” at the Plataforma Revólver in Lisbon.

In 2012 she had a solo exhibition “A Hiperteca Akaísta” at the Abrantes Art Gallery in Abrantes.

In 2011 she participated in the Festival Oceanos with the performance “Live Experience of Iconophonographic Immersion” comprehended in an individual exhibition of artist Pedro Portugal titled “Gabinete da Politécnica: O Importantário Estetoscópico”, at the Museum of Natural History of Lisbon.

She was also shortlisted for an honorary prize at the AIAS 2007 in Switzerland.


© Raquel Melgue